About Us

The Name

There is a deeper meaning to our name, Tribus Loyalty. The word Tribus comes from Latin, and it translates to "three" or "poor folk" in English. There are three of us at the moment, trying to build something from the ground up with our few resources, high set of skills, and dedication. The word Loyalty comes from our surnames, Leal, which means "loyal" in Spanish. We feel that we are able to offer happiness and loyalty to our customers.

What We Do

We are a new trendy street wear brand, we want to have clothing that will make people stand out from the rest of the crowd. We make our clothing very affordable for everyone that likes our stuff. The team as of now consists of three people, and we all work very hard to make our apparel the best of quality that it can be. Our goal is that people will remember our name, Tribus Loyalty™, and that we continue to grow!